Vendor Terms


Barb’s Treasures

3612 Route 23 North
Hardyston, NJ 07419

(973) 823-1511


This rental agreement refers to your dedicated space in Barb’s Treasures Store.  A 6 month lease is the minimum requirement.  There is a security deposit and a one-months rent due upon signing.  As a Vendor, you will receive 90% of the sale of your items sold and the store will received the remaining 10%.

There is no floor time required of our Vendors.  You are expected to maintain/fill you rental space at least two times a month, keep it clean and organized, and rearrange your items often.  Your vendor number must be marked on all your items.  There is a 45 day advanced notice of termination of rental space that is required. 

NOTE: Barb’s Treasures is not responsible for any stolen or damaged items.